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Homeschooling, is an option that more and more parents are choosing, its consistent in educating children exclusively in the family home context or in gruops that are a little more extensive (neighborhoods, parishes, etc.), but in every case it is completely alien form the public schooling system.

Profesores Asociados offers kids the opportunity to learn in a more personalized environment and advancing at its own rhythm.  With this program of distent education, the student is capable of culminating his studies in less time than the one that requires the normal school calendar.

Currently, only in the United States is it calculated that there are two million children that are being educated through Homeschooling.  Profesores Asociados provides a individualized teaching to children with all the guarantees and according to the moral basses of your choice.
The system functions very well, therefore in all the aptitude tests carried out (in the US), children that learn through Homeschooling, surpass by a long shot, the students that are educated through the public schooling system.

With the P.A Homeschooling Program, the students will be offered a SACS certification (Schools in American) and the High School American Diploma (American Degree).
For more information about this program, do not doubt contacting Profesores Asociados.

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