CELTA Program

Certificate of Teaching the English Language for Adults (CELTA, by its acronyms in English) is offered for the Exams Program for ESOL of the University of Cambridge and has been recognized for many years as an excellent form to enter the Teaching English field.  It is directed to people that have the desire to enter the profession for the first time, or for people with little educational experience that have the desire to expand his or her know-how.

The CELTA certification offers:

  • World Recognition as a qualified profesional of the English as a second Language
  • Know-how of the English language, its grammar, its phonology and its dictionary
  • The current methodology of teaching languages for adults
  • A base for subsequent studies at a Graduate level in Teaching English to Adults (DELTA) with the ESOL Exams of the University of Cambridge

This certification is highly recognized for directors of schools, who appreciate the practical emphasis of course formation, and has permitted many successful candidates to obtain its first educational position or to improve its labor perspectives.  Through Associated Professors You will be able to travel and to gain qualified certification that goes acquiring  more importance in our enviroment to be able to enter all fields of education.

  • Espaol
  • English
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