The performance of secondary education, that the students possess, has been considered traditionally the main indicator of academic achievement in upper level studies.  Nevertheless, this indicator is not sufficient to assign adequate contenders to higher Education and that is why the Academic Aptitude Test is used, as a common instrument that provides the student the opportunity to show his/her verbal abilities and math.

The PAA is an evaluation that should be presented for every contender that desires to enter higher Education. Most of the better Latin-American Universities require; the Academic Aptitude Test as requirement to study in their establishments.

The PAA is an multiple choice exam that has the objective to measure two basic abilities: verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning.

The test does not intend to evaluate specific know-how, but the comprehension and application of basic notions learned in the Intermediate, Basic Education and Average and/or Professional levels.

The first part of the test measures the reading comprehension wich its purpose is to evaluate the competition of understanding a academic texts, and the second part of the test measures a Mathematical Reasoning.

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